Solid Patio Covers

Extend your Homelife! Add a beautiful Solid Patio Cover to the back of your home in any of the 8 Color Options we offer. One single color or a two-tone patio design can elevate your space tremendously. Our patios are all finished Aluminum Coatings that last a Lifetime. Built right here in Sacramento, Ca, and designed by patio designers and builders. We have a unique perspective on the design aspect of manufacturing what we have been building for over 20 years. Adding an Aluminum patio structure with our wood grain Cedar Embossing adds great value to your home and will not attract pests or deteriorate over time.

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Lattice Patio Covers / Pergolas

The elegance of a Pergola cannot be understated and is difficult to describe even with the best photos. An open Lattice Pergola will elevate even the most demanding home Architecture and elevate any space that is in need of coverage that adds desirable square footage to any yard. Our Aluminum Patio Covers come in 8 colors, are wood grained Cedar Embossed and can be designed with 2 x 2 , 2 x 3 or 3 x 3 Shade Bars on top. These materials are very impressive and will last throughout your landscape's lifetime without deteriorating or needing paint at any time.

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Insulated Solid Patio Covers

A Solid Insulated Patio Cover is your upgrade toward a Sunroom / Room Enclosure. The Insulated Patio Cover was created to stop moisture buildup on the inside of a room enclosure, including the bottom side of the roof panels. It will keep the space cooler, is very easy to maintain for developed yards with many falling leaves, and can be walked on without additional support. If you desire the best roof Covering with all of the available benefits, then an insulated roof might be a great choice. This roof does not open, though. If you want to allow the Sun in or block the rain when you need to, check out our Aero-Louv opening roof system.

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Louvers / Opening Roofs

We have created the most affordable opening roof system on the market today. This system has a Design Patent approval and a Utility Patent pending. Aero-Louv operable roof systems are made of the same beautiful high-grade Aluminum parts as the rest of our Patio Cover line. This means the same great finish warranties are applied to our Louver Systems as well. Our Roll Formed Cedar Embossed Louver can span as much as 7’ in zones that carry 10lb live load requirements.  You can easily add multiple bays to build a large Patio Cover with an opening roof that spans very far. The 7’ Standard Roff Form Panel is designed to be lightweight and can be built in conjunction with our other Patio Styles like the standing lock seam, Insulated Roof Panels or Lattice Pergola to create a truly unique design.

If you desire a more contemporary smooth look, then our Single Wall extruded Aero-Louv opening roof system might be a good choice. This panel can span up to 12’ between the Patented “Louver Gutter” carry beam. Both the Roll form and Extruded Aero-louv roof panels have the same arched look from the bottom. A very elegant, simple and soothing design that can satisfy even the most discerning Architect.

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Room Enclosures

A Patio Room, Room Enclosure, or Sunroom, if you like, remains the most cost effective way to add outdoor living space to your Homelife. Our Patio Enclosures feature 3” insulated and thermal efficient Aluminum wall mullions. They come in a variety of colors and have Dual Pane glass windows with current Title 24 window coatings. Whether a 3068 pedestrian door or 6068 Vinyl Slider is what your design calls for, we have those options available. Our Sliding doors and windows are Vinyl and operated very similarly to a new home. This material and operational correlation are what makes these Sunrooms a near-seamless match as a home space addition.

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